Its Easy and Free!

You can either call up and book an appointment with your GP or sex clinic (also referred to as GUM clinics) or the most preferred option is to just use the walk in service whereby you can just walk into your clinic under certain hours (usually 8-11am) and simply get a check up there and then. A simple urine sample and blood test is usually the preferred test for nurses to check the main sexually transmitted diseases. After that test results can take anything from a day to two weeks to get back, however this can be done via email, letter, phone call, or the most popular option – text message. This service is free and an incredibly easy way to make sure you are not carrying anything. Get yourself checked out today!



5 thoughts on “Its Easy and Free!

  1. Right, if you wanted to be tested on STD, it’s free and you can visit anytime at your nearest clinic. Be safe and clean guys.

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